The Kidnapped Bride

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She pressed her hand to her stomach, feeling as though a war had been launched inside it. Stop it, Lorelei commanded and attempted to regain control of herself. It was bridal jitters, just as she had told Clea. All brides went through this. Of course she wanted to marry Herbert.

Of course she loved him. And she was going to marry him. Clea reached the midway point, and Desiree stepped to the center of the doorway, preparing to precede Lorelei down the aisle to the altar, where Herbert waited. Lorelei swallowed past a fresh bout of nerves as the music played on and the organist gave the cue for Desiree to begin going down the aisle. Desiree hesitated in the doorway and turned to face her. I just want you to be happy.

Kyrgyzstan: Bride-kidnapping case triggers rare UN response | Eurasianet

She froze. She simply stared at him. He stood there in the back of the church looking bigger than life in his faded jeans and denim shirt, his dark hair curling at his neck, his sinful blue eyes gleaming mischievously. She looked down at his hands, big and bronzed from the sun, and holding what appeared to be a sheet. Jack tossed the sheet over her head, and Lorelei dropped her bouquet as everything went dark.

She grabbed at the sheet, tried to push it away from her face. Then she felt herself being lifted from the floor and flung over a shoulder—a hard, muscular shoulder. Just as the first notes of the wedding march sounded, Lorelei felt the blast of July heat hit her and realized they had exited the church. Shock turned to anger, and she renewed her attempts to get free.

The Kidnapped Bride

Bride kidnapping, also known as bridenapping, marriage by abduction or marriage by capture, is a practice in which a man abducts the woman he wishes to. FRONTLINE/World reporter Petr Lom travels to Kyrgyzstan, where an ancient tradition of bride kidnapping, banned by the Soviets, is resurgent. Lom gets inside families to talk with kidnapped brides -- those who have managed to escape from their captors as well as those who are.

Lorelei gasped and got another mouthful of sheet. Furious, she started to kick her legs, only to have her stomach, which had been churning all day, turn over at the bumpy trip down what was obviously the church steps. It would serve him right if she got sick all over him. Her wedding!

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The strains of the church music grew more distant, and Lorelei kicked out again, only to earn another swat to her bottom. Outraged, she was just about to kick again when she felt herself being dumped into the seat of some type of vehicle and strapped in with what had to be a safety harness. She heard the door slam next to her and another one open on the other side.

When the engine started, she renewed her fight through the tangle of sheet and wedding veil. Finally she managed to get her head free.

A thick section of fawn-colored hair fell across her right cheekbone and eye—a casualty of her upswept hairdo. Her carefully and expensively styled hairdo. Pushing it away from her face, she glared at Jack. He shifted the truck into reverse and executed a swift turn that sent her body sideways and did nothing to ease her stomach. Lorelei twisted in her seat, and another curl tumbled into her eyes.

She shoved it away in time to see her sister Desiree standing on the church steps, a guilty expression written all over her face.

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She stared at the crushed tulle trimmed with tiny seed pearls and looked back at the church that was rapidly shrinking from view. What would her parents think? What would Herbert think? Oh, mercy, he and his mother were waiting for her at the church.

Kyrgyzstan's 'kidnapped brides' find renewed strength on the runway

She swallowed a groan as she thought of the formidable Mrs. Van Owen II and what she would say. I demand you stop this instant! Lorelei yanked away the rest of the sheet and threw it on the floor. Lorelei swallowed past the lump in her throat as she watched the speedometer climb to near eighty. She looked at the smug expression on his face. Refusing to let him intimidate her, she unhooked her seat belt and grabbed the handle of the door.

He continued to ignore her. How hard could it be? Stunt people did this all the time for a living. One of the extras whose makeup her mother had done had even shown her how it was done. Tuck and roll. Taking a deep breath, Lorelei pushed down on the handle and shoved against the door. More determined than ever, she punched the unlock button and heard another click just as she jerked down on the door handle. Anger escalated to fury, and Lorelei clenched her hands into fists.

She wanted to hit him. She was older, wiser and not given to emotional outbursts. Jack snorted and continued to cruise down the highway. Why else would the guy have been wearing a suit and tie in the middle of the week in this heat? Jack shrugged, obviously unfazed by the barb. I bet he even has them manicured. No way am I going to let anybody slap sweet-smelling creams on my hands.

Letters to the President

Large and strong, with a long white scar that sliced through the bronzed skin on his right hand. There never had been. Yet she knew just how gentle those hands could be.

The Kidnapped Bride

How carefully they could unearth a delicate seashell buried in wet sand. Turn this thing around immediately and take me back to my wedding. He looked at her then, and for once there was no laughter in those deep blue eyes.

On a Tightrope

He was deadly serious—a rarity for Jack Storm. Jack knew it from the expression on her face, from the way she opened her mouth to say something, only to clamp it shut again without murmuring a word. But his instinct—that same gut feeling that had saved his skin on treasure hunts more times than he cared to count—had told him he had to try. The pain in her voice felt like a one-two punch to his gut.

Jack jerked the wheel of the truck to the right and pulled off onto the side of the road. He turned to her. He felt the slam to his ribs again and knew he deserved it. I did come. A part of her had always stayed with him Only the years had somehow managed to slip by without him ever making that big strike.

He realized at once that she was not only still the love of his life, but she was his lady luck. With Lorelei beside him, he would find the treasure. Fate had brought her to him again, and he had never been one to question fate.

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And only then would he take her back to the church - to marry him! Almost-Right is all wrong, especially when the perfect man is ready to sweep you into his arms! Be the first to review this product. All orders are shipped the next working day, depending on the time of day the order was placed and stock availability. Orders placed on Fridays will be shipped the following Monday.