The Daggers of Devonshire

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The style of decoration is by no means unique to Dartmoor as similar examples show this to be an Early Bronze Age technique that has been found in other examples in southern and central Europe.

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It has been suggested that the dagger dates to around the Early Bronze Age period which, if it still survived today, would mean that it was about 5, years old. There can be little doubt that whoever was interred in the grave would have been a person of high status if the value of the bronze dagger is anything to go by.


As there is no naturally occurring amber on Dartmoor this may suggest one of two things, either the amber was brought to Devon where it was fashioned by a highly skilled, local craftsman or the completed dagger was imported as a trade item or gift. Starkey, , p picks up on one intriguing question related to the Hameldon Dagger and the surrounding landscape with its place-names.

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Could it have been that another such dagger had been discovered previously? Although Dagger Hill is now covered by the Soussons Plantation there are still several cairns and a cairn circle situated amongst the trees. Did someone excavate these cairns and find a tomb with grave goods which included a dagger and thereafter the hill was named after the discovery? Despite the tragic loss of this artefact it still can be regarded as one of the most notable finds from the prehistoric period anywhere on Dartmoor.

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It also begs the question as to what else is still to be discovered and more importantly what else has been discovered but never reported? Fox, A.

South West England, 3, — AD Hamilton Jenkin, A. Mines of Devon. Ashbourne: Landmark Publishing Ltd.

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Pearce, S. Richardson, P. Mines of Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley. Starkey, F.

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Odds and Ends From Dartmoor. Published privately. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. This terror this painting has evoked reminds me of the present-day slavery, especially in the fishing industry around the world.

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The Adventure begins in the year in England with the birth of Ethan Lloyd. Sir Charles Lloyd, the Duke of Devonshire, has two unique daggers specially made to be given to the King as a gift. During his visit to Windsor Castle, his son Ethan. The Daggers of Devonshire [Thomas Puttrich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Adventure begins in the year in England with the.

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