Shall We Begin

Where Shall We Begin?
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Regardless of any answer to the question "Where shall we begin?

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Implicit in the question "Where shall we begin? Obviously, the question of where to begin is asked by those who have a sense of responsibility with regard to their time and society and wish to do something about it. Undoubtedly, they are the enlightened souls, for only such individuals feel a social responsibility and have a sense of social mission. One who is not enlightened is not responsible either.

Note that I stress enlightened souls and not those who have obtained degrees. Enlightened does not mean "intellectual". Such an individual may or may not be an enlightened soul. Conversely, a person may not be an intellectual if he works in a factory for example-but he may nevertheless be an enlightened soul. The relation between the two is not that of two interrelated concepts. Not every intellectual is enlightened but some are and vice versa.

Very few are both. For example, Sattar Khan was an enlightened man but was not an intellectual, while Allamah Muhammad Qazvini was an intellectual but not enlightened: Ali Akbar Dehkhoda was both. Many are neither and among these are the "honorable and great politicians! Who is an enlightened soul? In a nutshell, the enlightened soul is a person who is self-conscious of his "human condition" in his time and historical and social setting, and whose awareness inevitably and necessarily gives him a sense of social responsibility.

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And if he happens to be educated he may be more effective and if not perhaps less so. But this is not a general rule, for sometimes an uneducated individual may play a much more important role. A study of the societies that have leaped forward from the oppressive colonial state to a very progressive, aware and dynamic state demonstrates that their leaders and those who assumed leadership in the revolution and the scientific and social movements have often been unintellectual.

The social movements in Africa, Latin America and Asia easily prove this principle, which has very few exceptions.

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Holiday Greetings. And we must do this. You can change your preferences any time in your Privacy Settings. The great revolutionary, uprooting and yet constructive movements of the prophets caused frozen, static and stagnant societies to change their directions, life-styles, outlooks, cultures and destinies. Sign in with Facebook. Shall we begin That Black Metal will be the emperor of human fears Black metal rules! Folks seem a bit quicker to say hello or offer a holiday greeting.

One can safely conclude that revolutionary leaders have rarely belonged to the educated classes. In the modern time, when man has reached a dead end in his evolving society, and when the underdeveloped countries are struggling with numerous difficulties and shortcomings, an enlightened soul is one who can generate responsibility and awareness and give intellectual and social direction to the masses.

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Premiere: 'Shall We Begin?'

Accordingly an enlightened person is not necessarily one who has inherited and continues the works of Galileo, Copernicus, Socrates, Aristotle, and Ibn-Sina Avicenna. And of course: Spoilers abound. After a deck-clearing, barn-burner Sept-burner, technically of a season finale like "The Winds of Winter" — a towering achievement by any metric, not least of which, you know: body count — you'd be forgiven for expecting a season premiere that would concern itself with placing Game of Thrones ' scattered, wildfire-singed gamepieces back on the board, methodically and meticulously.

And yet: Things are ostensibly speeding up, right? This seventh season is an abbreviated one — 7 episodes, not the usual 10 — and we've got only a total of thirteen episodes to go. Granted, some of those later episodes will reportedly clock in with runtimes that'll seem positively Apatowian, but the point is: Now is not the time for shilly-shallying.

No, now is the time for plot threads to tighten, for the show to speed headlong toward its shattering conclusion. The fun, world-buildy elements will inevitably fall away as the series picks up speed in the homestretch, and we'll learn what the show's really about. Because Game of Thrones has a big decision to make. It prides itself on its nuanced, morally gray worldview, where people make hard choices not because they are Good or Evil, but because they are human and flawed, and the conditions they face demand such choices.

The battles for rule of the Seven Kingdoms are fought between weak, opportunistic people striving to stay alive. There have been dastardly villains, surely, but the story of Game of Thrones thus far has been that human cruelty can arise in the most surprising places, from even the purest intentions.

That layered understanding of human frailty is what makes it all so satisfyingly complex, and thoughtful, and resonant. The Night King and his army of the dead are not complex, thoughtful or resonant. They're Ultimate Evil, and they're coming. Has the show spent six seasons getting us invested in the question of just whose butt will end up perched on the Iron Throne, only to toss it all aside for a final Tolkienesque showdown between the Good People and the Evil Not-People?

Will everyone just put aside their differences to fight the Undead Ice Monsters and then call it a day?

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First up: A cold open. For a moment we think: Flashback? But then we remember that Arya Stark still has her magic Mission: Impossible masks and magic shoe lifts, evidently, and magic shoulder pads, and magic old man hands. Arya does a passingly good Walder. She's got the humorless chuckle, the leering sneer.

The drinks are served — "the finest Arbor Gold" — which boasts flirty, herbaceous notes of grass and green apple with a lingering finish of poison. Arya goes off-script as she reminds them that they slaughtered the Starks at the Red Wedding, but by that point the crowd's too distracted by their organs' liquefaction to notice.

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Which is to Game of Thrones what "What you talkin' bout, Willis? Intro Map!

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"Shall We Begin?" Track Info. Written By Ramin Djawadi. Release Date August 25, Game of Thrones: Season 7 (Music from the HBO Series) (). Game Of Thrones, Artwork and Photographs © Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. HBO and related trademarks are the property of Home Box.

Kings Landing! The Twins!

The Wall! No disorienting zoom across the Narrow Sea! Probably ever again! A beautiful, horny film is a gift. To want so desperately and lavishly, and to be so distorted by heartbreak that existence is only tenable by nurturing revenge by proxy—well, what a horrifying way to linger in the world.

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And as you learn in the novel, the young Miss Havisham is treated pretty monstrously. For my money, she is one of the finest Miss Havishams to grace the silver screen. Did you know that he tried to have his perfectly sane wife committed to an asylum so that he could bone somebody else? Because he absolutely did that. Women were great in spite of the Victorian era, but the Victorian era, well, it was stridently lousy for women.

Before Finn moves to New York City to pursue both a career in art and, obviously, Estella, greenery thrusts its way into most every scene and even then, we are treated to a luscious park scene. It is there, creeping in our bodies, as soon as we first draw breath, and when it goes unchecked, it will dismantle us with total brutality. Thus, the shots of the Dinsmore estate:.

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That said, most of the characters wear green at some point. Miss Dinsmore certainly does, which makes sense: she is the embodiment of destructive desire.

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Poor Joe wears a frilly mint green tuxedo shirt in a pivotal and heart-shattering scene. The water fountain scene, however, is a stroke of genius, and although I was in high school when I first saw the movie, it seized my gut, not only in a visceral reminder of my first lusty stirrings, but as a resonant call to a girl who found herself both dazzled and bewildered by the broad, wild sweeps of desire that seemed to surge within me like an ocean. I was transported by it: the fact of desire and the will to act on it. I was 15 and deeply romantic, so of course I wanted someone run through pouring rain in pursuit of me, and of course I wanted to have voracious sex I would not have sex for a few more years and only possessed a vague comprehension of it , but I think, really, my response was far more primordial: it was cathartic to bear witness to so much want, and for it to be treated the way I understood it: like a mighty, soaking storm with the strength to fling a body out to sea.

The comfort, then, was that Estella and Finn found anchors in one another. My obsession with this film extends to the soundtrack and the score , and yes, Tori Amos does make an appearance, thank you so much for asking!