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Hitler's wife Eva Braun's WW2 knickers sell for £3,700
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In an outpouring of anger over the sexual harassment they have experienced, female politicians have shamed male colleagues with tales of being chased around tables, groped and sent salacious texts. Women MPs, staffers and councillors have begun an offensive against the lewd ways of les hommes politiques and the impunity that has continued to protect them despite growing French awareness of sexual harassment. The trigger was the exposure of Denis Baupin, 53, a deputy speaker of parliament who allegedly assaulted and harassed female colleagues.

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Knicker Lust! - Kindle edition by Teresa Joseph. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Format: Kindle Edition; File Size: KB; Print Length: 91 pages; Publisher: Academy Incorporated Limited; 3 edition (12 May ); Sold by: Amazon Media EU.

By Josie Griffiths. Love means never having to say "I used up all my cum on your friends. I shook my head, not trusting my voice.

Please, come here. I fought the tears and the thickening in my throat with everything I had. I shook my head, denying my urge to break down and cry. Daniel ran a hand through my hair and that only made my throat shrink further, my eyes fill more. It reminds me of my first dog. Her name was Shirley. She was my first true love. I always thought Shirley was way funnier than Laverne. So I named her Shirley. She was a golden retriever.

In the right light, your hair is exactly the same color as hers. Gold and strawberry and copper. All mixed together. Somehow, I ended up in his arms, sobbing. The laughter nothing but a phantom echo in my head. I'm definitely a romantic-hell, I've been married to the same man for 21 years anniversary yesterday so I must believe in true love!

I think my stuff is always romantic but its also a little edgy and hopefully realistic so I'm not going to post anything because I can't pick! I realize I'm going out of order here, but. I think embarrassment is definitely one of those emotions that can be distilled into offbeat romance. It can be another juncture at which love and acceptance transcend awkwardness and produce a powerful erotic chemistry.

Oh, and that effect one gets when something that Character A is initially embarrassed about is revealed to be a turn-on for Character B--whether it's a personality "flaw," a physical attribute, a social faux pas, or whatever.

Unfortunately, it's got 69 steps rather than the standard twelve. By the way, I missed you, too. Sommer: Thanks for giving us that excerpt!

You know how much I love that story. Anne yes, I'm still out of order : Since I'm just the talking head, you'll actually have to pee yourself for the Random Number Generator down the hall, third door on the left if you're intent on influencing the prize outcome. Kate: I believe that hot erotica excerpts, like words of love, are never superfluous.

But I don't blame you for not wanting to pick. I'm speaking as a person who has come to dread decisions of any kind! Can I come in? Dearie me, I get shamelessly plugged by Jeremy then I bugger off and leave him alone with a bunch of smutty women. I love this stuff and am fascinated by all the different individual interpretations of what an ORM is.

Show me your knickers - ncis

I knew then we would be friends. I'm not sure if AFT qualifies as offbeat though. It's possibly just warped romance, whatever that is. Tragedy and comedy are never far apart and misery scenes that flip suddenly into laughter can be great. Actually, all this shameless plugging makes me happy. Hey KL, I think you're a lovely hostess XXX, AT. Um, yeah, the Jell-o shots.

Here, have a lager and a bag of crisps while you wait. And look! Something to read too I can handle it. The snip isn't so much a moment, more an overview of a loving marriage. Marianna shared a trailer with her new husband, Mental Micky. He was a sword-swallower and fire-eater, a shabby, sinewy fellow with a goatee beard and a sleeve of tats on his right arm.

He smelt of cigarettes, whisky and paraffin. He had a tongue you could stub cigarettes out on, and it was rough and tireless on her clit. She loved him and he loved her, but she would never let him kiss her, not with that mouth. Sometimes, for a taste of something sweet, Marianna would eat cherries as they fucked. Ooh, I like the barkeep's accent. The Michelin Guide said we could get Jell-O shots here. So anyway, how's the lager? I think you're supposed to dunk the "crisps. I think it's time we call on Smut Girl's super powers to whip us up Jell-O shots pronto.

I want that bright scarlet stain on my lips that can only come from Black Cherry Jell-O or, um, eating cherries while my fire-eater lover goes down on me for hours Nice one, KL. Kristina, the cherries are genius!

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Well, I mean the idea and execution have the mark of genius; the cherries themselves, intellectually speaking, are probably not that clever, though I'm sure they're very nice cherries who do a good job. Bloody 'ell, we've got the Yanks in again. Look at them dunking their crisps.

Have they asked you if you've ever met the Queen yet? Here you are, love. A dash of blackcurrant in your lager. That'll blacken your mouth. My god. I was sitting and minding my own business when a giant SG went up in the sky, nearly botting out the sun. I knew it had to be for me Black cherry? Do they have to be Black cherry?

Cause I have these gorgeious, super bright regular red, red cherry ones right here in my cape Clearly, website building has addled my brain. Loved, loved, loved KL's excerpt. Now I want the whole story.

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And my TBB list grows I'm not abandoning my barstool anytime soon. And thank you from the bottom of my smut-drawer, Kristina, for inviting me, setting up the gig, renting the Chagall and the Lichtenstein oops, sorry about the cherry-juice stains , making an adjective out of ORM, and linking to all my shameless pluggery. Thank you Lust Bites, collectively. Love ya. Next round's on me. I'll buy the drinks, too. Praying that this works Yay - drinks are on Jeremy! You can come again, mister. Marvellous post.

I'm slightly worried we may have scared people with our pluggery. Have we? Cos there are 4 fab books up for grabs and not many people have said 'I want'! I count Danetteb and Smut Girl as our only contenders meaning the winner could be decided by me tossing a coin. So if anyone's lurking and wants to be entered in the draw not to be confused with entering Jeremy's smut drawer just shout 'Mine's a vodka jelly!

Jeremy's buying. Winner announced this Sunday.