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Rockstar JT - Hey God (Feat. Montell Fish & Big Yae)
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Bilo 3. David did it again! Truly a beautiful album, lots of orchestral parts, ambiance music and heavy sound, all packed up in one progressive extravaganza. Android iOS Songsterr Plus. Can't play "Hey God"?

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"Hey God" is a song from Bon Jovi's album These Days. Although it did not chart in the United States, it became a moderate hit in Canada, Finland, Iceland. Hey God Lyrics: Hey God, I'm just a little man / I got a wife and family / I almost lost the house, I bought into the dream / We're barely holding on when I'm in way .

Album These Days. Hey God Lyrics [Verse 1] Hey God, I'm just a little man I got a wife and family I almost lost the house, I bought into the dream We're barely holding on when I'm in way too deep We're two paychecks away from living out on the streets She's a working single mom, like a saint she doesn't complain She never says a word, but she thinks that she's to blame Her son just got convicted, he blew some cop away She did her best to raise him, but the world got in the way [Chorus] Hey God, tell me what the hell is going on Seems like all the good shit's gone It keeps on getting harder hanging on Hey God, there's nights you know I want to scream These days, you're even harder to believe I know how busy you must be, but hey God More on Genius.

Hey God Lyrics

Release Date June 27, These Days Bon Jovi. Hey God. Something For The Pain.

These Days. Lie To Me.