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Ebreo e nazione nel romanzo italiano del Novecento in Italian.

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Quando Riccardo Bacchelli compì 85 anni

Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 31 March Studi Novecenteschi. Retrieved 17 April Quodlibet in Italian. Retrieved 22 April Retrieved 24 April In , Merini began her most intense works on her dramatic and upsetting experience at the psychiatric hospital; these works were included in what Maria Corti called "her masterpiece", la Terra Santa , thanks to which she won the Librex Montale Prize.

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Their efforts were silenced in when several of them were arrested by the Austrian police because of their liberal opinions; among them was Pellico, who later wrote a famous account of his experiences, Le mie prigioni ; My Prisons. Tota Nerina by Giovanni Faldella Book 7 editions published between and in Italian and held by 19 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. His Chronicle was versified by fellow Florentine Antonio Pucci. Although painters are often dedicated to the study of chromatic laws, the teaching and the theories serve in periods of decadence while in periods of greatness, which is the case for any art or science, intuition prevails in an irrational untutored rapture. Oh no, there's been an error Carla Boursier. Send us a letter, fax, or email requesting the information and, provided it is not covered by one of the exemptions in the Act, we will provide you with that information as soon as possible, or in any event within 20 working days.

Maria Corti asserts that Merini attempted to have her works published by some of the most important Italian editors too, but without any success. Shortly after that, together with the publisher Scheiwiller , other ten poems were added and, in , La Terra Santa was finally issued. During that time, Merini rented a room in her house to the painter Charles and started being in touch with the poet Michele Pierri that, in that difficult period of recreating bonds with the literary world, showed to value her poems.

In October Alda and Michele got married and went to live in Taranto. Diario di una diversa. In July , after a new period in the psychiatric hospital in Taranto, she went back to Milan and started a therapy with the doctor Marcella Rizzo, to whom she dedicated more than a poem. Diario di una diversa ", her first book written in prose that, as Giorgio Manganelli stated in the preface, "it is neither a document nor a testimony on the ten years spent by the writer in a mental institution. It is a 'reconnaissance' through epiphanies,deliria, tunes, songs, revelations and apparitions, of a space -not a place- where, failing every habit and everyday perspicacity, the natural hell and the numinuous nature of human being burts out.

In she was a finalist for the literary prize Premio Bergamo. These were for Merini very productive years from a literary point of view. During the winter of the poet spent time at the coffee-bookshop Chimera , not far from where she lived, and offers her typrewritten poems to her friends. In this period books like Delirio amoroso and Il tormento delle figure were born.

In the following years different publications reinforce her comeback on the literary scene. In Le parole di Alda Merini and Vuoto d'amore are published, followed by Ipotenusa d'amore in In there are other three publications: La palude di Manganelli or il monarca del re , the volume Aforismi , with photographs by Giuliano Grittini , and Titano amori intorno.

In this year she was endowed the Premio Librex Montale for poetry; this prize officially put the poet in the circle of great contemporary intellectuals and conferred on her the same literary status of writers such as Giorgio Caproni , Attilio Bertolucci , Mario Luzi , Andrea Zanzotto , and Franco Fortini.

In , Merini's volume of poetry Sogno e Poesia Dream and Poetry saw the light of day, with an edition including twenty engravings by various contemporary artists. Also in was the publication of a small book of poems edited by La Vita Felice entitled Un'anima indocile A Restless Soul , composed of both old and new poems, of a confessional diary, of brief stories, and of an interview done with the author. In the same year Merini met the Bergamo artist Giovanni Bonaldi with whom she formed a genuine and strong friendship, they began to collaborate on a publication.

In this collection it becomes more than ever apparent the technical finesse of spontaneous oral poetry that others have transcribed. This was a phenomenon, that, "even being ostensibly contemporary, this choice of oral transmission over written, is for now unique in the universe of contemporary poetry. The oral nature of Merini's poetry at this time led to ever briefer texts, and, in the end, to aphorisms.

In November of the same year, Ariete published Curva di fuga [14] The Vanishing Curve , which Alda Merini presented at the Castello Sforzesco at Soncino, where they presented the Milanese poet with honorary citizenship. Still in Bonaldi drew five illustrations for a collection of poems and epigrams of Merini entitled Salmi della gelosia Psalms of Jealousy , printed by Ariete. The poet and director became great friends during the filming and Merini gave him unpublished poems to include in the film.

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Merini wrote a poem, "Una donna sul palcoscenico," specifically for the purpose of including it in Damato's film:. My indolence was born. She trusts him, she 'feels' that she will not be betrayed, and while the director stands with the still camera, waiting for a look, a twitch, a word from the woman, she seduces him speaking of poetry, mysticism, philosophy, music, of foolishness poured out in verse, of Christ and passion, without censuring family pain and the experience of the asylum.

Carlo Levi Dr. In , the book became the basis of a movie of the same name, directed by Francesco Rosi. Lucania called Basilicata , was one of the poorest and most backward regions of the impoverished Italian south. Levi's lucid, non-ideological and sympathetic description of the daily hardships experienced by the local peasants helped to propel the "Problem of the South" into national discourse after the end of World War II. Levi graduated from high school in Upon graduation, Levi attended the University of Turin , where he studied medicine and, in , graduated with high marks.

While at university, Levi had become friends with Piero Gobetti who sparked Levi's interests in political activism that would continue throughout his life.

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Levi never abandoned his medical studies and served as assistant to Prof. Micheli at the University of Turin's Clinic from to , working on research involving hepatopathy and diseases of bile tract. From to , Levi continued his specialization studies in Paris with Professor Bourguignon among others, although by Levi had decided to dedicate his life to painting.

Levi's early time in Paris, as a painter and as a student of medicine, brought him into contact with many notable personalities of the 20th century, including Sergei Prokofiev , Igor Stravinsky , Alberto Moravia , Giorgio De Chirico , others. Levi lived exclusively in Paris from to and attended the funeral in of his uncle, Claudio Treves.

He joined with Francesco Menzio in the famous " Gruppo dei Sei ", all painters in Turin, including Jessie Boswell , Gigi Chessa , Nicola Galante and Enrico Paulucci ; as a result of his activism and involvement with anti-fascist movements, Levi was arrested and exiled to Aliano , a town in a remote area of Italy called Lucania from to There he encountered a poverty unknown in prosperous northern Italy.

While there, Levi worked on the side as one of the doctors for the villagers, although he had never practiced medicine after graduating from medical school. During his exile he spent much of his time painting. After his release, he moved to France and lived there from to In , he returned to Italy, was arrested in Florence and imprisoned in the Murate prison. After World War II, he moved to Rome and from to he served as the editor of L'Italia Libera , the publication of the Partito d'Azione , an anti-fascist organization that grew out of the republican tradition, he continued exhibiting in Europe and the United States.

In , he was elected to the Senate as an independent on the Communist Party ticket, he died of pneumonia in Rome on 4 January He is buried in Aliano. The'Persiana' Gallery in Palermo exhibited his last work and Daphne, executed on a goatskin drum the day before he was admitted to hospital. Below is a list of important works written by Carlo Levi. Levi wrote numerous prefaces and introductions for many authors throughout his lifetime. There have been collections of Levi's works published after his death, notably essays, miscellaneous writings and poetry. Roma: Donzelli, Levi, Stanislao G. Pugliese , Carlo Levi.

New York: Columbia University Press , Sperduto, Armonie lontane, Roma, Arouimi, Magies de Levi, Schena-Lanore. Nobel Prize in Literature The Nobel Prize in Literature is a Swedish literature prize, awarded annually, since , to an author from any country who has, in the words of the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel , produced "in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction".

Though individual works are sometimes cited as being noteworthy, the award is based on an author's body of work as a whole; the Swedish Academy decides. The academy announces the name of the laureate in early October, it is one of the five Nobel Prizes established by the will of Alfred Nobel in On some occasions the award has been postponed to the following year, it was not awarded in , but two names will be awarded in Although the Nobel Prize in Literature has become the world's most prestigious literature prize, the Swedish Academy has attracted significant criticism for its handling of the award.

Many authors who have won the prize have fallen into obscurity, while others rejected by the jury remain studied and read. The prize has "become seen as a political one — a peace prize in literary disguise", whose judges are prejudiced against authors with different political tastes to them.

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