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The year saw outbreaks in Newcastle and Gateshead as well as in London, where a total of 10, people died of the disease. In the London epidemic the worst-hit areas at first were Southwark and Lambeth. Soho suffered only a few, seemingly isolated, cases in late August. Then, on the night of the 31st, what Dr Snow later called "the most terrible outbreak of cholera which ever occurred in the kingdom" broke out. It was as violent as it was sudden. During the next three days, people living in or around Broad Street died.

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Few families, rich or poor, were spared the loss of at least one member. Within a week, three-quarters of the residents had fled from their homes, leaving their shops shuttered, their houses locked and the streets deserted.

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Only those who could not afford to leave remained there. It was like the Great Plague all over again. By 10 September, the number of fatal attacks had reached and the death rate of the St Anne's, Berwick Street and Golden Square subdivisions of the parish had risen to That it did not rise even higher was thanks only to Dr John Snow.

Snow lived in Frith Street, so his local contacts made him ideally placed to monitor the epidemic which had broken out on his doorstep. His previous researches had convinced him that cholera, which, as he had noted, "always commences with disturbances of the functions of the alimentary canal," was spread by a poison passed from victim to victim through sewage-tainted water; and he had traced a recent outbreak in South London to contaminated water supplied by the Vauxhall Water Company -- a theory that the authorities and the water company itself were, not surprisingly, reluctant to believe.

Now he saw his chance to prove his theories once and for all, by linking the Soho outbreak to a single source of polluted water. From day one he patrolled the district, interviewing the families of the victims.

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His research led him to a pump on the corner of Broad Street and Cambridge Street, at the epicenter of the epidemic. Dr Snow took a sample of water from the pump, and, on examining it under a microscope, found that it contained "white, flocculent particles.

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Though they were reluctant to believe him, they agreed to remove the pump handle as an experiment. When they did so, the spread of cholera dramatically stopped. At the end of September the outbreak was all but over, with the death toll standing at Sohoites.

But Snow's theories were yet to be proved. There were several unexplained deaths from cholera that did not at first appear to be linked to the Broad Street pump water -- notably, a widow living in West End, Hampstead, who had died of cholera on 2 September, and her niece, who lived in Islington, who had succumbed with the same symptoms the following day. Since neither of these women had been near Soho for a long time, Dr Snow rode up to Hampstead to interview the widow's son.

He discovered from him that the widow had once lived in Broad Street, and that she had liked the taste of the well-water there so much that she had sent her servant down to Soho every day to bring back a large bottle of it for her by cart. The last bottle of water -- which her niece had also drunk from -- had been fetched on 31 August, at the very start of the Soho epidemic.

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Mall on Elves will be making a festive appearance at Broad St. Mall in the run-up to Christmas.

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Broad Street is a major arterial street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It runs for approximately 13 miles beginning at the intersection of Cheltenham Avenue on. Broad Street may refer to: Contents. 1 United Kingdom; 2 United States; 3 Other countries; 4 See also. United Kingdom[edit]. Broad Street railway station.

Here at Citizen Advice Wokingham, we pride ourselves in empowering the most vulnerable people in our society and that includes adults with Hexagon panto stars to switch-on festive lights for Broad St. Monday, November 11, pm. Monday, November 11, am. Live traffic.

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