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Days and nights become almost same length, neither too short nor too long. Everyone becomes fed up of cold in winter, hot in summer and mud and dirt in rainy season. The real beauty of spring nourishes our health and we forget about all the sorrows of life.

It fills heart with lots of joy and happiness. So, we really enjoy this season with pleasant sights everywhere. Spring season falls in India in the month of March, April and May between winter and summer season. Spring season gives nice feelings, good health and new lives to the plants. It is a most beautiful and attractive season gives nice weather to flowers to bloom. Bees and butterflies makes round and round on the flowers bud and enjoy sucking tasty juice essence of flowers and make honey. In this season people enjoy eating King of fruits, mango. A very sweet and cool air blows from the south direction which brings nice smell of flowers and touches our heart.

It is the season of festivals of almost all religions during which people do nice preparations and enjoy get together with their family members, neighbors and relatives. It is the season of farmers when they bring new crops to their home and take some relief. Poets get good poetic imaginations in their minds and write sweet poems. In this season, mind becomes more creative and full of nice thoughts. There are some disadvantages too of the spring season.

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As it is the end of winter season and start of summer season, it is the more sensitive season to the health. Various epidemic diseases like common cold, smallpox, chicken-pox, measles, etc are common so people have to take extra preparations of their health.

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Spring season is the king of all seasons of the year. During the spring season nature appears in its most beautiful form and fills our heart with lots of pleasure. In order to fully enjoy spring season we should take care of the health and get vaccinated against various epidemic diseases. Spring season remains for three months however seems like remains for short duration because of its all around beautifulness. Birds start singing sweet songs in the welcome of spring season. Temperature remains normal, neither too cold nor too hot in this season.

It makes us feel like the whole nature has covered itself with green sheet because of the natural greenery everywhere. All the trees and plants get new life and new form as they develop new leaves and flowers on their branches. Crops get fully ripen in the fields and look like real gold everywhere.

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New and light green leaves starts putting on the branches of the trees and plants. After a long silence of winter season, birds start singing and sounding here and there near to the houses or in the sky. On the occurrence of spring, they feel fresh and break their silence through their sweet songs. Shirley Sallay. Helen Steiner Rice. Zuzu Bailey, 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Janice Maeditere. Design: Emily Schiff-Slater. Richelle E. Norman Wesley Brooks.

James Cash Penney. Bing Crosby. Phillips Brooks. Freya Stark.

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Wishing you a season filled with warm moments and cherished memories. Four Season Happiness Hotel. Parents enjoy with their kids by arranging some picnics during the weekends. Claim Your Listing. Log In. My favourite season.

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Does Hot Chocolate Have Caffeine? You gave us nourishment for our soul when none was there. Our special wish for you this Christmas is that blessings will follow you. In the spirit of this Christmas Day, we pray that time will find you well. Amongst the snow drifts that cover the street, We hope that we will someday meet.

Upon this day so long ago, The birth of Jesus cast a glow. It comes to us who owe so much We hold our faith in our clutch Blessings of the Christmas Season be upon you. Tis the season for celebration. May yours' be filled with happiness, good friends and bountiful cheer. Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday. Well wishes and warmth of the season be yours this Christmas. May you find joy in Christmas may it fill your heart and home.

If every day could be Christmas what a different world it would be We would find peace and joy and happiness for all to see Our wish for you this Christmas is that every day in the New Year is as special as this one. It is with glee That I'll tell thee You, my dear, are my delight I wish, oh wish that your day be bright.

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From above it is this I know You'll always give a special glow. To me, you know you mean the most, So always know that I'll be your host. Each day that passes by, I no longer have to sigh. It is with joy that you make me, A welcome part of your glee. Please know this at Christmas time, That your encouragement is so divine.

Warm wishes for every blessing. When I think of you during this holiday time, My heart feels so warm, especially at mealtime.

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Your true delight is the reason for making those scrumptious dishes this season. May the warmth of family always draw near, So we can all celebrate with good cheer.

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Hope, love, and peace to all, May it be my wish so tall. It is no doubt the time you see, To count your blessings and forget the tree.

To we who know the Lord on high, May God use us to His delight. May God's eternal hope be your light. Christmas is not just one day For those who believe The Way.

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It is for us a daily feast, That all who yield do so in peace. Warm greetings and love to you this Christmas Day. Christmas is that time of year when family and friends rejoice. Let us not forget to count each and every blessing that we may have taken for granted. It is with these thoughts of remembering how much you do for us that we want to thank you for always being there throughout the entire year.

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With love and appreciation , Merry Christmas. May your home be filled with laughter and joy, with friends and family and all the toys. May you find this Christmas bright with cheer and richly abundant with the many pleasures of good fellowship. May the spirit of the first Christmas enter all of our hearts now and throughout the coming year.

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May you spread cheer this Christmas year, To those who strive but live without cheer. We give thanks for all we receive So we may share because we believe. May God's Blessings be upon you. It is so divine to wish you well, You give so much, you are swell. Be it known from afar we are But you are always like our rock star. The gifts you give amount to much, Because you have a common touch. To you this year our hearts go out, Great joy and cheer this year throughout.

This time of year reminds us to acknowledge all the good things in our lives. So, it is to you we tip our hat giving you thanks for all you are and do. Have a great and joy-filled Holiday Season.